A Growing Idaho Deserves

Strong Leadership

Roads and Bridges

It’s critical to use our funds wisely, especially when it comes to our roads and bridges. One of the best ways we can be thoughtful with our allocated budget is to collaborate between cities, counties, and highway districts for maintenance. The cost of maintaining our roads and bridges is far less in the long-term and should be a priority for our safety and our export market. 


I will always vote in favor of water. Ample and clean water supplies allow us to all stay healthy and in business. I’ve worked diligently on Idaho’s aquifer recharge project and believe water is the lifeblood of our state. Sustainable stewardship of our water resources for our current needs and Idaho’s future will always be a priority when it comes to my time in the legislature.  


Businesses should be allowed to thrive in Idaho. I believe the government should have the lightest touch possible when it comes to our businesses so they can innovate and come up with solutions rather than constantly working to overcome burdening restrictions that may not apply to their situation. 


Our children deserve the best education and educators to help them grow and learn which is why I’ve consistently voted for extra funding for our education system for the past five years. I believe we need options for our children and parents when it comes to early childhood education. I value local control so our district can find solutions to their specific challenges.